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Eugenides has fallen into a trap. He’s never been trapped on a mission before, but somehow the Queen knew his every step and now he’s at her mercy! Evan & Liz Frerichs are taking about free will and determinism today. We don’t understand God’s ways, however, we’ve all probably seen examples of when someone’s wounding turns out to make their life more successful somehow. The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

Show notes:

Liz wants to talk today about The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner and this topic really lights up Liz so much!
This book is the 2nd in a series. The first book sets up the thief Eugenides and his mission for his queen.
The 2nd book starts with him in a neighboring country on a mission, but he gets set-up, caught, tortured, and his hand gets cut off.
He’s a broken man after that, and he feels useless until his queen asks him to steal peace to stop the war.
Eugenides reveals that he’s in love the the woman who cut of his hand so he determines to rescue her and bring peace by marrying her.
Debating free will vs. sovereignty. Determinism.
The thief and the queen are arguing about sacrificing to the gods–turns out that the gods betrayed him to the Queen of Attolia and that’s how he got caught in the beginning of the book.
So he sneaks off to make a sacrifice. He’s looking for answers directly from the gods.
Liz reads the conversation he has with the gods about how they work in the lives of men, asking “what would you trade to have your hand back?”
The two times when it seems like the gods have betrayed Eugenides turn out to be essential ingredients for Eugenides’ loving marriage and peace.
We know God is not like the gods in the book because our God is all powerful, but He still allows us to experience hurt for our and the world’s good.
That’s why we can say “it is well with my soul.”
If we could really see what we’re gaining and losing we would say “Yes” to God a thousand times over.
The quicker we surrender and align to God’s wisdom, the better things are.
It’s hard to give up things that feel so important, but the benefits are far beyond compare.

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