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Get help. You’re never designed to answer God’s call alone—whether you’re called to change an entire country or raise an amazing family. Asking for help shows maturity. This goes for inner work too. When you work on yourself the way God wants you to, you become a better tool in His hands to change the world around you.

Show Notes:

Making connections can be a very hard thing.
Guys wanna talk sports to avoid feelings, girls may want to just do information exchange to avoid connection.
Liz struggles to try to be self-sufficient, has trouble asking for help. She knows she has a tendency to do that with her health.
Evan understands this; he does it too. Don’t we all?
Isn’t it odd that we all do this or that, and yet we feel like we’re the only person who struggles in that certain way? That can isolate us too.
It’s a balance, because in a way Liz is responsible for her health, but she can’t do it well without input from those who know more than she does.
It can be very frustrating to find the right people to talk to—how do we find the right person? That’s hard thing in and of itself.
Takes work. We need a mentor who’s walked the path.
That person is always Jesus—He’s experienced all the hardships of life. But we need human friends too.
Liz mentions Pastor Elijah who is called to change the country of Uganda. He could falter on his call, but he’s embraced it. He is the voice, and he’s built a team around him to do the work.
None of this kind of important work can be done by an individual.
This inner work you’re working on is just as big as changing the country of Uganda. Needs just the same amount of support.
Asking for help shows maturity.

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