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You grab onto Calm by letting go, and it just takes a second. This week we are reflecting back on what we’ve learned making the show for an entire year! It used to seem normal to be swept away by overwhelm. It also seemed like staying calm depended on circumstances. Evan & Liz discuss how their thoughts have changed.

Show notes:

This is our last week of shows! (for now) and we’re excited to see what happens next with Epic Every Day.
Today, and all week, we’ll be reflecting on our experience making the show for the past year.
The CSCs are Calm, Surrendered, Centered, Connected, & Complete
Evan’s takeaway: He has been amazed to see how we’ve been able to see how each weekly topic has the potential to steal calm. We’ve tried to investigate the tendency for us to be motivated by fear instead of calm.
Before he studied the CSCs, it just seemed normal to minimize stress and accept overwhelm as a fact of life. And all the attempts to deal with it were to attack, control, and lower stress—dealing with in in a negative way. Instead of now, with the CSCs, Evan sees the value in building up calm as the main strategy. This works better than trying to franticly lower stress or change a situation.
Evan would often just try to numb or get rid of the feelings before—with addiction or vice or watching TV.
In the CSCs, there is freedom to feel his feelings all the more strongly, and it’s been very liberating and caused him to draw close to God.
Liz feels like she’s learning how much more she needs to learn, the deeper into the CSCs she gets.
This show may have felt repetitive, but Liz is always amazed at how fresh the principles are. They can always be applied.
But the biggest lesson was about calm never meaning perfect circumstances. Like calm is something you can grab hold of in a second—even if you haven’t done your perfect day check list (quiet time, sleeping enough, etc…)
We grab on to calm by letting go. She’s realized that each moment can have calm, no need to throw out the entire day if some stress comes up.
She’s also re-realized how much stress she tends to carry. Like when we’re overwhelmed, but we just think that normal. The more calm she has, the easier it is to recognize how stressed she was before.

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