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Surrender is the quickest route to peace—way more effective than squashing emotions. When we try to control our situation, it just ends up getting us stuck at point A instead of getting us closer to point B. It is possible to have much better self-talk through surrender. We don’t want to be double-minded.

Show notes:

Evan and Liz are going to talk about what they’ve realized as they have been talking about surrender every Tuesday for the past year.
Evan says he’s just all the more reminded about how our culture values individual movers and shakers—folks who get stuff done because they’re so hard working.
But in reality we’re more like the one legged puppy Li’l Brudder from This is a more accurate picture of our power. ( )
When Evan thinks about control and lack of surrender, he normally thinks of his ability and desire to control his inner landscape—to silence his feelings. And surrender has been a huge help is letting go and feeling those things instead of suppressing them.
Surrender is a quicker route to peace than squashing emotions. And he’s learned how to do better at self talk through surrender.
Evan talks about Switched by Ingrid Law: how Gypsy has to learn how to say “come what may.”
Liz has been thinking about being double-minded and how she notices this in her self.
James 1—we must believe and not doubt so that we will not be tossed about by the wind.
Liz knows that when she tries to control outside circumstances, that’s really her moving closer to point A rather than moving forward to point B. So surrender gets her to the new place quicker.
Relaxation is the complement to surrender. Liz has been working on this in Tai Chi. This is about moving energy down.
Working on trying to build a business is also a great place to practice surrender.

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