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How do you, as a leader, let go of regret? How do you allow yourself to take imperfect action? Regrets tend to grow like snowballs if you don’t deal with them. Evan & Liz Frerichs discuss the important distinction between regrets and repentance.

3 components of complete: 1) being your whole self all the time. 2) being here and now, not stuck in past (regret) or future (worry). 3) fully engaged in reality—not lost in fantasy or denial.
Good leadership is able to let go of mistakes.
William Carey went to India as evangelist, but it turned out he was called to translate, aka work more in the background. He was able to partner with folks who were able to do the up front stuff. He had to find his correct swim lane.
Mark 9 when the disciples ask Jesus why they were not able to cast out the demon.
Evan and Liz are working on being OK with imperfect action. We’re trying to avoid getting stuck.
1 Cor. 2 Paul talks about God’s power in his ministry—how he came to speak meekly and listen so their faith may not rest on him.
The danger of personality cults, where the human leader is the glue holding everyone’s faith together.
Liz asks how we can let go of regrets as leaders. Evan talks about how leaders are almost always in a group and we can process regrets in the group—discuss if the problem is sin or just a mistake. But get counsel from your colleagues.
Regret tends grow like a snowball if we don’t deal with it. It needs to be recognized and thought out so we can see that it just needs let go of.
It’s also important to distinguish the difference between regrets and repentance.

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