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Development is always part of the plan. A baby can’t stay a baby; it grows into an adult. Likewise, your spiritual muscles need a workout and discomfort to grow strong. Self-discipline leads to a better life. It’s too easy to be constantly low-level discontent but doing nothing to change your situation. God wants more from and for us than that.

Show notes:

Important to meditate on the essence of who God created us to be. We are not a random accident of evolution so there must be a plan.
God calls us to do hard things. By hard things we mean pain or sacrifice in the short-term.
Liz tries to write 1000 words on her novel every day, which means she forsakes doing something else during that time.
Evan usually thinks about hard things being uncomfortable and not fun.
Either way, the things are hard hopefully for the right reasons—not like putting your finger in a pencil sharpener.
The plan is always to develop and grow into a spiritual adult.
Exercising spiritual muscles requires stressing the muscles beyond what they can do.
We cannot get complacent—we can’t say, “I bet I only need to grow or develop this much.”
But what about contentment? We’re not called to be content with our growth level.
We’re really called to be content with the process, God’s plan, the pushing to grow and do hard things. Be content with the difficulty.
Evan is reminded of the song “It is well with my soul.”
Self-discipline leads to a different life. Too easy to be low level discontent but doing nothing about it.
Liz uses her health treatment as an example—how she only sorta treated it until she was forced to use a wheel chair—and is now more determined to do whatever it takes to stay out of the wheelchair.
It’s a free choice to say “no thank you” to a growth opportunity, but we’re stuck in less freedom because we’re not growing. Like if we don’t exercise, we grow weak and can lift less weight.
In a way, the things we’re advocating are tried and true methods: work out and you get stronger.

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