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It’s our 160th episode and our final show for a while. We’re talking about what we’ve learned about being complete today after talking about it every Friday for a year. Evan talks about being more willing to take imperfect action and how freeing that is. Liz talks about helpful it is to use her whole self in the current situation. You can always go back and listen to our other episodes! We have enough for you to listen daily (week days) for an entire year.

Show notes:

We’re putting the podcast on hold for now to develop other parts of Epic Every Day.
It’s Friday so we’re a talking about Complete.
Evan talked about on Wednesday about not being a chameleon so much. But today he wants to talk more about worry and regret—feeling stuck there.
He does not think of himself as a perfectionist, but he sometimes prevents himself from taking action if it’s not clear that it will turn out OK.
Liz is thinking about that may be a type 2 personality trait (Carol Tuttle’s personality types).
This tendency puts the brakes on progress—and Evan is accepting the life fact that learning takes trial and error, and letting go and letting God take care of consequences and regrets.
Being able to take the next imperfect action has also empowered Evan to appreciate more this moment… and this one as well.
We can trust God with the past and the future is because He is throughout all time; He’s in the past and future dealing with my worry and regret.
Liz has been pondering the power of utilizing her whole self. “A whole wave knocks you over, the spray just gets you wet.”
She talks about writers block and getting distracted/fragmented instead of focusing on the task at hand fully.
She also sees the worry-regret spectrum as a mental habit she has, so it’s easier to break by learning new ways of thinking in the moment, when worry and regret come up. It’s possible to see God’s redemption of the past regrets, but it takes practicing new mindsets. She’s also working on trusting God for her worries. One way is to schedule freak-out time.
It feels weird saying good-bye and not previewing next week’s topic! But we will be in touch about what Epic Every Day is up to on our web page

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