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Lack of hope freezes you in life. Things are overwhelming without hope. This week, we talk about how hope is invisible. It’s tricky because hope requires faith. Without hope, calm is impossible. We can trust that God is working things out now, not just in the future.

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Our daily podcast will be ending on Aug 31. At that time, there will be one complete year of devotional shows available. We are putting the podcast on hiatus to focus on growing other aspects of EED.
It’s nearly impossible to move through the world without hope. When we don’t hope, we can only take in the chaos of our immediate situation.
We hear awful things going on in the world every day. It’s impossible to avoid hearing about the suffering.
As we grow, our needs for hope never goes away.
The CSCs are flexible enough to deal with every stage and variety of despair whether it’s global or community or personal.
We’re reading Romans 8:18, 23 “hope cannot be seen or it’s not hope”
It’s comforting and baffling at the same time. Sometime later we can see the meaning of suffering.
But in the moment, we can’t know the whole picture or it’s not hope.
We have future and present hope.
Rev. 21 He who is sitting on the throne says “I am making all things new.”
Hope needs mystery, but there’s also enough info for us to reasonably anticipate the hope.
As a writer, Liz is very careful to tell and read stories that end with closure and satisfaction.
God’s understanding of the world gives us hope because He understands all the things we don’t.
Evan imagines that God has given as much of the info as humanly possible to understand, to base our hope on, because He loves us.
Later in the week we’ll talk about how much work hopes requires and the “who” we depend on, not trusting in our situations for hope.
Rom. 8:28 “God works all things for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.”
Here we read about both future and present hope: God is working out things now, not just in the future!
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