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What’s the best way to get the best life? By doing what God created you to do. Being someone created by God for a purpose should fill us with hope. We are able to trust that He has a destiny in mind for us even if we can’t see what that may be right now. There is freedom there.

Show notes:

Hope sets us free, but from what? From a lot of self-pressure. If we think we’re in charge of our own life we set ourselves up to fail.
Even though it’s an American value to get things done through pure grit and determination. But we don’t have to do all that if we’re in Christ.
You don’t have to fix the problem. It’s too easy to get stuck. Understanding that it’s not up to you should bring relief.
Liz is reminded off Genesis 1:1 where God says He created the heavens and earth. He is the author.
Liz talks about the author analogy. She creates characters with certain traits, then they go through trials and tribulations in order to grow and change.
Liz mentions the Superman fan fiction she wrote about the show Lois and Clark. (
So too, we have to go through certain events and learn things to move the story of our life forward.
Eph. 2:10 God prepared good works set out before us individually to do
1 Cor. 12 The church is one body with many parts.
Lamentations 3:27-32 Though God causes men grief, He is not without love.
Too often we’re distracted by the problems we see and begin to think that’s all there is to us. But we can grow by looking to the positive things, the hardwired things like our passions and personality. Pursuing those will draw us closer to God.
It’s like in the movie Speed Racer: just being who you’re designed to be can change the world.
There are core parts of us that can’t change, and there are many things we need to change. But God is unchangeable. This is the anchor of our hope!

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