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About Liz


I homeschool our two fantastic daughters and have an auto-immune disease that includes chronic fatigue. In other words, I am very aware of energy management. Nearly seven years ago, my doctor told me to start taking a Tai Chi class or else. I’ve taken Tai Chi ever since and have seen how the CSC’s (being calm, surrendered, centered, connected, & complete) can transform anyone’s life from the inside out. I personally went from being such a high-stress person that I had relaxation-induced panic attacks to being able to live a life of purpose and have room to breathe. All those moments with margin add up to a life of margin, which was something I never thought I’d have. Epic Every Day has been amazing for reminding me to keep growing in the CSC’s!

I am also a book worm and an author. I love stories with redemptive themes and loads of character development—whether that’s a well-written book or a good movie. My love for literature dragged me back into writing, and I published my first book, Tales from a Spacious Place, in 2012. I am in the midst of editing my second book, To Push on the Rock, and am working on a four book long fantasy series (Book 1 is tentatively titled Teloria: The Book of the Stars). As you will hear if you listen to our podcast for long, I’m also a Trekkie and read a fair bit of fanfiction (primarily Star Trek, Harry Potter, Pride & Prejudice, & Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman).

I am passionate about helping people jump into the slipstream—align with the way God has designed them to live so life is full of freedom and abundance. Applying God’s principles for life has gotten me out of a wheelchair and helped me grow through my post-traumatic stress disorder. Applying God’s principles for life has transformed our finances, our time management, our marriage, our parenting—the list goes on and on.

Liz writes about her life on her blog:

About Evan

I am an introspective and curious person. I’ve always marveled at how my salvation works and wondered why other people do what they do and like the things they like. In high school, my friends and I formed our own accountability groups. In college, and after Liz and I got married, we formed independent small group Bible studies. These groups of friends trying to live intentionally greatly formed my faith. But at the same time, addictions in my life were slowly strengthening their grip on me.

The first big wall, or crisis of faith (see Peter Scazzero’s works), I hit was finding out I was going to be a father. This new responsibility threw my life into sharp contrast, and I knew I had to deal with my secret lifestyle out in the open. I went to therapy and joined support groups. During that time, I learned that all the stuff I thought I knew about my own salvation and how to relate to people needed to mature. God pulled me through the first wall, and I became grateful for it.

The second big wall I hit was when Liz started showing symptoms of an auto-immune disease in 2010. The strain on our family has tested my faith in ways I will probably never understand. This is an ongoing process as she has gone from getting worse and worse (to the point of being in a wheelchair) to getting better and better and getting out of the wheelchair.

These wall events were really doorways into the slipstream—life in line with God’s reality! I have found life beyond to be fuller than I ever thought possible, and I am grateful.

I am a musician, and I enjoy playing and listening to music of all genres—even country, much to my wife’s chagrin. I also love watching movies and TV shows and talking about their redemptive themes. I love being a dad and husband.