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We have a lot of power of our own, but real power comes when we are connected to a higher power source. This is a concept Liz explores in her upcoming fantasy series Teloria. Connection is also a huge theme in Penelope Wilcocks series The Hawk and the Dove. Monks in the book grow to love and respect each other through their hurts.

Show Notes:

Elizabeth Frerichs shares some of her Teloria: The Book of the Stars (working title). She gives background about the world and how magic works there.
We’re introduced to Ilane and Seraphina her reluctant mentor. Liz reads Seraphina’s explanation of magic’s history in Teloria.
Talks about the difference between witches, wizards, mages and sorcerers. How each magical source is different and can be used to greater or lesser extent and how most people in the world no longer believe in magic.
Some have their own magic, but the most powerful magic comes from a source outside the magic user.
In the same way, we have options about what power source to tap into, or we can try to draw from our own power.
The other book is The Hawk and the Dove by Penelope Wilcock.
We talk about how Peregrine’s relationship with the other members of the community really bloomed after his injuries. Love increased.
Before his injury the brothers respect him, but afterward they love him.
The things we put in our brain matter. We like to look for redemptive themes.
We talk about our favorite movie 2008 Speed Racer.
“You can’t drive a car and change the world. It doesn’t work that way!” but turns out it does change the world.
Speed’s talent is racecar driving, so when he does that to the fullest, he is able to change the world.
Weakness can become strengths too, and we need to work on that.

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