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Are you working hard on ministry but know inside that you’re lonely? There is a way to stay vulnerable and keep reaching out. The CSCs are the way out of that isolation. Today we’re talking about connection, but really, all the CSCs (Calm, Surrender, Centered, Connected, & Complete) give us the ability to be connected to God and others in a healthy way. You don’t want to have to wait 35 years to ever express your feelings, especially if you’re suppressing resentment—that just looks like lashing out in bitterness.

Show notes:

Every week we talk about a problem that prevent us from using the CSCs. The problem with connected happens when we can’t do the CSCs in general, and it leads to being lonely.
The CSCs help us be knowable to others and to God. We need all the CSCs to have connections.
We can trick others and ourselves, like the Pharisees, by looking like cool ministry is happening, but we know that inside we’re lonely because of lack of connection.
Evan mentions the prayers in the Psalms about God searching my heart. This is a great way to start connection with God and to begin the self-examined life.
The meeting where the guy confronts his bully 35 years later ( ). This was at a school board meeting. Evan mistakenly called it a city board meeting. When we’re connected and know ourselves, it will not be possible for someone else to shed light on our sin like this.
Evan has learned to let go of shame and look for authentic connection over the course of the entire process of recovery and making the podcast.
Liz recalls the shows we did on Brene Brown and vulnerability (April 9-13).
This has helped her try to stay vulnerable and keep reaching out.
Liz mentions her Pride and Prejudice fan fiction: ( )
She has enjoyed knowing she is safe even if connections don’t go perfectly.

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