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Jesus is emotionally available. How often do we avoid going with someone into their emotions? In the story of Lazarus, we see Jesus weeping over His friend and for others’ loss. We are called to take the time to explore our emotions with others—to accept them from others, even when we don’t understand them.

Show notes:

Complete is 3 things: 1) being your true self 2) not getting lost in worry or regret/bitterness 3) being in the present situation
Staying in these things can cause discomfort and suffering
It’s temping to avoid uncomfortable things or get lost in the pain. Also, we may be tempted to try to fix the situation. All of these cut the legs out from under ministry and break down connection.
John 11 where Jesus finds out Lazarus has died.
Jesus hears about his sickness, but does not go to see him until he’s been dead 3 days.
We ponder Jesus weeping over the whole thing. Jesus is troubled in spirit by others’ suffering. He could just have said, “It’s not a big deal, I’m here now.”
Jesus is emotionally available. How often do we avoid going with someone into their emotions?
Jesus participating emotionality gives him a powerful ‘in’ to do ministry among the people.
Often it takes walking the path of emotions to get to the truth. If we ignore them, we are ignoring signals of a problem.
It’s as silly as taping over the check engine light in your car.
The process of ignoring emotions—we may see going down into emotions as a dangerous thing because we may get swept away.
But if we’re anchored on the CSCs, we will able able to stand firm.
Hope is the balance between despair and disregard.
Rom 4: Abraham believed in hope and so became the father of many nations even when he was 100 and childless.

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