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Your ministry is to shed light in a dark world. The darkness takes many forms. The darkness that steals your calm is busyness and feelings of overwhelm. We live in a loud world, so using quiet in your ministry may be a path to peace. It’s certainly counter cultural! We look at examples from Jesus’ ministry when He was able to remain calm in stressful situations.

Show notes:

The nature of ministry is to be a light in the darkness of the world.
The darkness in relation to calm is busy, overwhelm, over-loaded schedule
Liz talks about how our free time is usually taken up by screens—and to our brains that is not restful and it can even be confusing.
Ministry is about helping others escape that darkness, but it is also about staying out of the darkness yourself.
Liz mentions “quiet—something about introverts in an over loud world.
Matt. 5:13 “you are the salt of the earth” “you are the light of the world” “let your light sine before men”
In a world of overwhelm, the way we shine our light is through peace. Having peace ourself and spreading peace to others.
Like a teacher whispering to control a chaotic class room. Yelling shuts listening ears off.
Jesus is the ultimate example of self peace and effective ministry. We see Him going away to be quiet by Himself often.
Phil 2:14-16ish “do everything with out complaining or arguing… and shine like stars in the universe.”
Complaining is evidence of a unhealthy mindset (seeing self as victim).
Like 8:41- Jairus pleads with Jesus to come to his house to heal his daughter. There is a huge crowd. Then a woman suffering from bleeding for 12 years touches Jesus and gets healed. He notices, stops what He’s doing, and gives her His attention.
Jesus is not rushing in this desperate situation. He is at peace.

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