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We’re talking about or favorite literature this week. Today Evan shares a couple Jack Gilbert poems and Liz reads some Frances Hodgson Burnett. We love fiction because, in a way, all communication is fiction. We cannot communicate the truth like God can because of our limited understanding. Art, poetry, and fiction often get us closer to the truth than attempting to speak about the issue head on.

Show Notes:

The CSCs are adapted from Peter Ralston’s Tai Chi principles: Calm, Surrendered, Centered, Connected, & Complete.
We’re going to be sharing some of our favorite literature this week.
We love fiction and literature because it has the power to sneak into our hearts, and it shows how limited all communication is
Evan reads Jack Gilbert’s poem Poetry is A Kind Of Lying
Degas said he didn’t paint what he saw, but what would allow others to see what he had.
We all have to lie to even talk in a way, because we’re  not God, and yet we’re called to speak the truth, to speak true enough, to communicate the gospel.
Liz likes how fiction is a mirror to help us see the outside world more clearly. Like looking through clean glasses.
Literature and art are like a package for some small part of the truth.
We have guards over our heart for the cold hard facts sometimes, but if the message is in a song or a story it can really cut to the quick.
Evan also reads The Music is in the Piano Only When it is Played by Jack Gilbert.
Connecting the mystery of life, even when God answers some of our questions, to the calm of trusting God to sort out our issues.
The poem is also about how some of the richest things in life, like a song, are invisible and temporary.
Liz reads from The Lost Prince by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
About Marco being quietly powerful. His stillness creates room for people to be themselves.
His calm stops a fight and begins to build a friendship with The Rat that ends up changing the country.
Liz says everyone should read The Lost Prince.
We see how this meeting between the two boys is a pivotal moment in history.

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