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God will push us beyond our comfort zone, but He will never push you to not be yourself. We look at the story of Naomi and Ruth today as an example of quiet but powerful leadership. In the body of believers, God will push you to change, but you will never grow out of being an “eye” or a “toe” or whatever your calling is.

Show notes:

Leadership is in the small things. We’re also going to talk about what leadership is not.
“I’ve gotta be just like such and such a leader” is a big barrier to doing leadership.
It’s not all about what happens up front—not about all the visible stuff.
It’s really hard to follow a leader who is not authentic.
Leadership is about trusting God knows what He’s doing when He made you a certain way and called you to do certain stuff.
We must not underestimate the power of small things—the compound interest of small actions. This could be us wasting time or building up productive time.
An example of quiet leadership: Naomi from the book of Ruth.
When Naomi returns to Israel, she is so depressed she wants to change her name to Mara (sorrow).
Ruth follows her new God (Yahweh) which means disobeying Naomi and going to Israel with her.
Naomi advises Ruth the best way to get married so she, Ruth, will be best taken care of. Ruth says she’ll do whatever her mother says.
Ruth is now in the blood family of Jesus because of her faith and leadership and obedience. Because of the small things.
God will push us beyond our comfort zone, but He will never push us to not be ourselves.
If we’re called to be a “foot,” we’ll never be pushed to become an “ear” or an “eye.” You will be depressed and miserable if you attempt to be a member of the body that you are not. Instead, strive to be your full self.
Evan talks about his experience on the elder board at church. How he’s there to contribute his part and he’s more at peace with his calling now than ever.

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