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Refusing Grace

It’s time to put the shovel down and admit you’ve hit bottom! Come out of the pig pen. It’s time to accept reality: you still need God’s grace. When we refuse to hit bottom, we refuse to see ourselves in the light of truth. We also accumulate a backlog of emotional compound interest, and we’re just not made to handle that.

Show notes:

Evan & Liz explain the show. They remind us to practice CSCs over and over again.
Has everyone heard the phrase “hitting bottom”? Similar to getting to the end of your rope.
Like hitting the bottom of a hole. You can keep digging.
Two reasons people refuse to hit bottom: 1) denial—nothing to see here! 2) fear of change, too overwhelming to even start to address the issue
These are refusals to acknowledge reality.
We’ve all got to admit we’re sinners when we become Christians—but then at some point don’t want to seem needy I guess so we stop depending on God completely for grace and spiritual energy.
Hitting bottom is acceptance of my total reliance on God. Gotta put the shovel down and trust God in a real way.
The process of grace continues! If we refuse to see our on-going sin, we deny grace.
Like when Jesus visited Simon the pharisee and the women breaks the jar of perfume over his feet. Luke 7:37-50 (
Jesus says the more sin forgiven, the more love they have for him.
We’re all the woman.
Like James says: if we’ve broken the law at one point, we’ve broken the whole law. James 2:10
Liz shares a youth group example: jumping across the grand canyon—whether you jump 10 or 5 feet, you still don’t make it across.
Evan mentions Tim Keller’s book Prodigal God—we miss the tragedy of the older brother never letting the father love him.
When we don’t hit bottom, we don’t see ourselves for who we are.
The longer we refuse to hit bottom, the more emotional compound interest we accumulate, the more junk we have to deal with later.
Choice between freedom and self-imprisonment.
God’s arm can stretch a 100 feet to grab us out of the hole we’ve dug for ourselves!

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