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What does it mean to seek God with a whole heart? Do you sometimes stop yourself from praying about things are are too small for God to be concerned with? There are no such things though. Nothing happens in your life that makes God say, “I didn’t see that coming!”

Show notes:

Today’s CSC is “centered” so we’re going to talk about seeking God with our whole heart.
We may not pray some times because we want to keep our things to ourselves—like our problems are too small for God to hear about. These are not too small things to pray for.
Like a good parent who does want to hear every detail of their kids life because they are interested and love the kid.
If we dig deep enough into our excuses, we may find shame-based motivation to not share our entire selves with God. Maybe we know there is sin there too.
Read Psalm 139 if you wonder what kind of attention God gives you. “O Lord you have searched me and you know me.”
We may tend to minimize sin, but God knows the entire picture. What’s the point of minimizing our confession or our cares?
It’s possible to ask God to reveal to us things about me/about you. He will help us see ourselves rightly when we ask.
God will not forsake us, because He’s given Jesus all the shame and sin on the cross. He doesn’t even cringe when we share with Him.
Like in the story of the two lost brothers (Prodigal Sons).
Notice how the father persues both sons. How he loves them and does not cringe away when they’re both rude to him.
Luke 12:6 not even the sparrows or the hairs on our head are forgotten by God.

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