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Have you ever attempted to slog thorough your emotional baggage—the hangups and hurts from when you were younger? Maybe you’ve put off doing this because you figured time itself would sort it out? But time does not heal all wounds. Putting off this important work actually causes a division within yourself—you become a fragmented person. Today Evan and Liz talk about how to begin putting those fragments back together.

Show Notes:

Three components of Complete: not being fragmented person, not getting stuck in future or past through worry or regret, and not living in a constructed world.
So much of these three distractions have to do with unprocessed emotions.
It’s hard and messy, like pulling through a swamp.
We all have stuff to deal with from growing up; it’s part of life. But we avoid processing those emotions because it’s icky—thinking it can take care of itself over time.
Liz talks about visiting Colorado after not living there for 15 years & not being used to the thin air anymore.
Like that, we get used to our own emotional junk, but if we work on something and it gets better, we start to breath easier and realize there is a lot of benefit to working on this stuff.
So, ‘normal’ is not necessarily good. Whatever you’re used to may need to change.
Liz talks about the explosion of growth in post-traumatic work.
What are indicators that things probably could and should change, that there is emotional baggage to work on?
One big one is a sense of discontentment, a sense that there must be more than this life or “is this the kind of life that I’ve managed to build for myself?”
Liz noticed this when she did the same Bible study 10 years apart and answered the same top stresses both times.
We know spiritual maturity is important, but do we pursue it?
Things don’t change unless you intentional change them.
Like physical health, we don’t just automatically get stronger over time.
Peter Scazzero says emotional health is necessary to spiritual healthy. Ponder this truth in your own life.
Roy Vaden’s TED talk on time management. “what can give me more energy/time tomorrow if I do something today?”

What work on my emotional health can I do today that will free up emotional resources tomorrow?
The hard work of now may be: confession, repentance, making amends, submitting to a mentor, etc…
and you don’t go to therapy every day just to get it done quicker. Any work requires rest, physical or spiritual work too.

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