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Why would God make me a certain way, and then immediately call me out of that comfort zone to grow? Somehow, it’s all part of the plan. Babies grow into adults, seeds grow into mature plants. But, even though we’re designed to grow, it still takes surrender to move forward.

Show Notes:

Evan thinks this “comfort is the enemy of progress” is the opposite of the quote “necessity is the mother of invention” but Liz tells him otherwise.
It’s the idea that discomfort leads to progress/change. Like growing pains.
Sometimes a good environment for growth is comfortable. But we can’t be overcontent.
Over-contentment is a sticky trap to get stuck in.
Liz talks about Gen 12: Abraham called to leave his family to go to an unknown land.
We talk about being almost 40 but not feeling like we’ve really been adults for very long.
Liz mentions Beth Moore’s study Living Beyond Yourself and talks about how we have to depend on the Holy Spirit to get any of the places we want to be—God’s calling us to stretch.
Like children, we’re called to grow and change our entire life.
Like in Hebrews or Corinthians talks about eating milk vs meat
It’s easy to see a child that has not matured into an adult, but less easy to see a spiritual baby not growing. But how do we encourage growth?
Love over condemnation. And we first have to deal with our own growth process.
There are a thousand little choices we have throughout the day to either engage in the growth process or not. That’s why we’re making the show, to highlight and remind us of those things and encourage us all to say ‘Yes’ to the process.
It will change your life if we practice these little things. We can grow in our ability to surrender and be connected to the Holy Spirit.
We may sometimes ask “why would God make me a certain way, and then immediately call me out of that comfort zone to grow to change?”
We’ve got to remember we’re children and it takes constant surrender to move forward.

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