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Father Peregrine is trapped in his anguish until Tom accidentally comes across him. Tom manges to push through his fear of the old man and together they are able to engage in real sorrow, which is a kind of calm and complete. We’re re-visiting Penelope Wilcock’s book The Hawk and the Dove. We also find out what Henri Nouwen says about time healing all wounds and what James Thurber says about believe false information about your current situation.

Show Notes:

Complete encompasses three areas: being your complete self all the time, being fully in the present–not stuck in past or present. And dealing with things as they are–not as we fear they are. Basically it means living in the real world.
Liz shares more out of The Hawk and the Dove by Penelope Wilcock
The book may not sound exciting, reading about monks, but the characters are so good.
Liz reads the part about Father Peregrine shortly after his injuries, a description of a shattered man just like the bones in his hands.
And then the part about Tom accidentally spying on Father Peregrine as he is trapped in his own anguish.
At first, Tom wants to leave him alone, but he decides to stay and just be with his abbot—helping his spill his grief.
Sometimes when we think of complete, we think of some kind of frozen calm. But this weeping and brotherly love is a kind of calm too. This expression of grief is a kind of calm.
Evan read Henri Nouwen quote bout Time not healing every wound, but needs active working with pain and grief–real emotional work.
Liz then reads part of The Day the Dam Broke by James Thurber.
The story about a panic over the dam breaking is a good example of how dangerous it is to live out off the real world–to be carried away by our perceptions of what’s really happening.
Takes an outside perspective and plenty of calm to make sense of what’s really going on.

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