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Frantic, panicky energy feels productive and easy sometimes, but it’s really just setting you up for a more difficult time later. If you can engage in calm during the storm, the task at hand will be less difficult as will future repercussions. Everything you do has an opportunity-cost and, in that way, everything you do is hard. Don’t get stuck in the trap of doing what seems easy in the short-term only to have a more difficult task later.

Show notes:

Tai Chi looks for the most natural way to interface with the world, but we believe there are lots of biblical connections to the spiritual world too.
Liz thinks everything is hard when you’re not calm.
Tomorrow we’ll talk about why it’s important to do hard things.
Doing things while stressed is like trying to work with a bunch of weights tied to you.
Like staying up too late and then sleeping late and having your daily schedule cascade to be later and later. Too easy to get caught in stress and thinking everything is difficult—then we don’t recognize how calm pulls us from the brink.
There is a frantic crazy energy when working under a tight deadline or in a panic. Liz tells a story about the guy in college who said he did his best work franticly working right up the deadline.
Liz accidentally did this one time and accidentally got an A on the assignment.
Evan says there are things are naturally hard—maybe because of anxiety or something. But, in a way, everything is hard because of the opportunity-cost.
Like when I play a game on my phone, I’m forsaking all other options. There is always a cost and that makes choices hard.
We don’t often count the cost of the little, easy things.
Reason it’s hard to do the little things is because it’s too easy to say “no” to them—like 2 min longer run, or putting your car keys away instead of dropping them on the counter.
There is always a reason we’ve chosen to do this over that. A little introspection can help us understand why we choose. We can investigate if we have good reasons.
Since everything is hard to do, we need to find the right reasons to do what we’re doing.
We’re looking at easy short-term resulting in long-term hard vs hard short-term resulting in easy long-term.

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