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Do you have anxiety about prayer? What words do you use? Isn’t prayer the job of pastors and priests? We’re going to talk about the nuts and bolts of prayer some today. Do we need to pray with lots of fancy words? How does “pray without ceasing” work?

Show notes:

“Connection” is the CSC for today. This is where we get our power from. So today we’re going to talk about the practical things about prayer.
Do we need to pray with lots of fancy words? How does “pray without ceasing” work?
Liz thinks praying without ceasing just means staying connected.
God has some good instructions about practical prayer. We look at the other verses in Mathew ch 6 leading up the Lord’s prayer.
Jesus gives guidelines of what not to do: mostly having to do with flashy prayer. “When you pray, pray in secret and your Father will hear you.”
You probably have the Lord’s prayer memorized, but James Bryan Smith, in his book The Good and Beautiful God, talks about how this is an example prayer to demonstrate structure.
Evan talks about the parts of the prayer like worship, thanksgiving, asking for protection, forgiveness of sin, etc. Take every phrase as a subject header, and write your own prayer.
We don’t need to pray with repeated mantras like the pagans either—like the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18.
There are repetitive Psalms though too saying “give thanks to the lord for his love endures for ever and ever.”
Are we using prayer to try to twist God’s arm? Or are we worshiping?
Think about the way you pray: Would you talk to another person like that?
Don’t be so worried about saying the wrong thing that you don’t say anything at all.

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