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When you are centered, you are freed up to act in spite of the chaos, to shine like a light, to be whatever God designed you to be. Liz talks about her favorite homework that keeps her centered, and Evan talks about how nice it is not not be a social chameleon. It is important to distinguish within yourself the hard-wired things you can’t change and the caught and taught stuff that can and should be changing as you mature.

Show notes:

Centered is still Liz’s favorite CSC for two reasons: 1) she has a hard time prioritizing because of her personality type and trauma history 2) because shame has been a huge part of her experience. Centered obliterates both of these problems!
Centered grounds us in our identity in God: we are who He made us to be. And then we are free to act in spite of the chaos, to shine a light, to be whatever your design is.
Liz talks about how one of her strengths is brain storming improvements. Centered helps her have a foundation.
Liz mentions J.B. Glossinger’s book the Sacred Six. She uses a planner she designed from the material every day.
Evan talks about using center to avoid being a social chameleon, acting differently around different people. Being centered has freed Evan up to be who God designed him to be.
It takes investigating self to help discover who God made me to be.
Evan talks about God designing what made him him, how he used Carol Tuttle’s system to gain part of this freedom.
It’s important to distinguish the hard wired things in me (DNA, personality etc…) from the caught and taught stuff along the way. Those can be re-learned if we need to. But we’ve got to ask God for wisdom to be able to tell the difference.

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