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Hitting bottom is a doorway into a more spacious place, and it only takes a second to walk through. However, hitting bottom does not automatically get your out of your emotional hole. It takes intentional work with God to get up and out of the mess, but there’s grace for that!

Hitting bottom is a door into a more spacious place
Hitting bottom is a choice between digging a deeper hole, and stopping and letting God pull you out.
What does it look like? Liz likes that it only takes a second to agree with God about sin and make a decision to seek change.
Hitting bottom is not the getting-out-of-the-hole process, it’s just deciding to stop digging.
It’s usually a moment of desperation—realization that you’re doing isn’t working anymore.
You don’t have to know all the answers, but we choose to agree with God—wherever that may lead us.
Evan and Liz tend to think everyone has addictions. That could be depressing thought.
But we need to see what’s really happening. Maybe eating or reading could be self-care or it could be going deeper into the addiction.
Only we know why we’re turning to the thing. A lot of addictions are invisible to us because they’re part of our culture.
One way to consider what’s really going on in your heart is to count the cost of this activity, the addiction or the hang-up.
Like coffee maybe—can you take it or leave it? Or do you have to have it to have a good day?
Liz found that if she reads before she writes, she’s not as good at writing. So has to learn when to read.
If you stop doing this, how much will you freak out? How addicted are you?
Behind all the things is an emotional problem we need to get with God to sort out.

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